Canada's mandatory drug shortage and discontinuation reporting website is operated by Bell Canada under contract with Health Canada.

Drug shortages are a complex global problem. Health Canada recognizes the negative impact of drug shortages on patients, health care professionals and the health care system, and works together with stakeholders to build a more open and secure drug supply system. Everyone has a role to play in addressing drug shortages. Further information about the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders can be found in the MSSC Multi-Stakeholder Toolkit.

Public API Access


The website now provides public access to the drug shortage and discontinuation report database through an Application Programming Interface (API). The API allows developers to access that informat...

How to create an account


How to create a new company user account Log in to with a valid company administrator account provided by Health Canada*.*Only those users with a valid company administrato...

Website overview for public users


Website overview for public users

Drug Shortages Canada is the website for reporting drug shortages and discontinuations in Canada. Drug sellers must report when they are not able to meet...

Guide to reporting drug shortages and discontinuations


The Guide to reporting drug shortages and discontinuations is intended for those who hold a drug authorization issued by Health Canada.  In this guide, you will find information that will help...

Multi-Stakeholder Toolkit


In June 2013, the MSSC has also developed a Multi-Stakeholder Toolkit. The Toolkit describes the Canadian drug supply chain, clarifies roles and responsibilities of key players, and identifies the ...

Protocol for the Notification and Communication of Drug Shortages


In 2013, the MSSC has developed the Protocol for the Notification and Communication of Drug Shortages. The Protocol sets clear expectations in anticipation of, or in response to a drug shortage. Th...

Guidance Document to Mitigate Drug Shortages through Contracting and Procurement


In June 2012, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health tabled a report: Drug Supply in Canada: A Multi-Stakeholder Responsibility, in which they noted the numerous causes of possible short...

Preventing Drug Shortages: Identifying Risks and Strategies to Address Manufacturing-Related Drug Shortages in Canada


Globally, manufacturing issues are the most commonly cited cause of drug shortages. Acknowledging this reality the MSSC, in collaboration with drug manufacturers, has developed Preventing Drug Shor...

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