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Welcome to Drug Shortages Canada, the website for reporting drug shortages and discontinuations in Canada. The Food and Drug Regulations require drug sellers to report when they are not able to meet demand for a product or when they stop selling a product. Information about the website and the regulations can be found on the Resources Page.

Drug pills

Shortage Reports

Brand name Company Name Status Strength Update Last updated View Report
RYTHMOL BGP PHARMA ULC Resolved 150MG Updated Report 2019-03-21 36174
MYLAN-VERAPAMIL SR MYLAN PHARMACEUTICALS ULC Resolved 120MG Updated Report 2019-03-21 68773
OZURDEX ALLERGAN INC Resolved 0.7MG Updated Report 2019-03-21 76570
PREVACID FASTAB TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS AMERICA INC Actual shortage 30MG Updated Report 2019-03-21 79032
FREYA 28 MYLAN PHARMACEUTICALS ULC Resolved 0.15MG 0.03MG Updated Report 2019-03-21 28041
MINOCYCLINE-100 PRO DOC LIMITEE Actual shortage 100MG Updated Report 2019-03-21 75569
ACUVAIL ALLERGAN INC Actual shortage 0.45% Updated Report 2019-03-21 78953
CREON MINIMICROSPHERES 25 BGP PHARMA ULC Actual shortage 25500UNIT 1600UNIT 25000UNIT Updated Report 2019-03-21 79003
MYLAN-ATORVASTATIN MYLAN PHARMACEUTICALS ULC Actual shortage 80MG Updated Report 2019-03-21 79012
ACCUPRIL TAB 10MG PFIZER CANADA ULC Actual shortage 10MG Updated Report 2019-03-21 68360

Discontinuation Reports

Brand name Company Name Status Strength Update Last updated View Report
LOPRESOR 50MG NOVARTIS PHARMACEUTICALS CANADA INC Discontinued 50MG Updated Report 2019-03-20 35419
ROSUVASTATIN-20 SIVEM PHARMACEUTICALS ULC Discontinued 20MG Updated Report 2019-03-18 73727
TRACE ELEMENTS INJECTION USP PFIZER CANADA ULC Discontinued 6.0MCG 0.42MG 1.67MG 0.37MG Updated Report 2019-03-13 63474
PIPERACILLIN FOR INJECTION HOSPIRA HEALTHCARE ULC Discontinued 3G Updated Report 2019-03-13 43622
METOPROLOL-L SIVEM PHARMACEUTICALS ULC Discontinued 25MG Updated Report 2019-03-13 70953