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Welcome to Drug Shortages Canada, the website for reporting drug shortages and discontinuations in Canada. The Food and Drug Regulations require drug sellers to report when they are not able to meet demand for a product or when they stop selling a product. Information about the website and the regulations can be found on the About & Resources Page.

A shortage means, in respect of a drug, a situation in which the manufacturer to whom a document was issued under subsection C.01.014.2(1) that sets out the drug identification number assigned for the drug is unable to meet the demand for the drug.

Below are the newest and most recently updated Shortage and Discontinuation reports.

Drug pills

Shortage Reports

Brand name Company Name Status Strength Update Date Updated View Report
CEENU BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB CANADA Anticipated shortage 40MG Updated Report 2021-01-27 130007
KINEVAC BRACCO IMAGING CANADA Anticipated shortage 5MCG New Report 2021-01-27 132553
CHOLETEC BRACCO IMAGING CANADA Actual shortage 45MG Updated Report 2021-01-27 122962
XYLOCAINE 2% W EPINEPHRINE 1:200000 ASPEN PHARMACARE CANADA INC. Actual shortage 20MG 5MCG Updated Report 2021-01-27 131563
ELETRIPTAN PRO DOC LIMITEE Actual shortage 40MG Updated Report 2021-01-27 121563
RILUTEK SANOFI-AVENTIS CANADA INC Actual shortage 50MG Updated Report 2021-01-27 98763
APRESOLINE STERIMAX INC Actual shortage 20MG Updated Report 2021-01-27 91935
PMS-NIFEDIPINE ER PHARMASCIENCE INC Actual shortage 30MG Updated Report 2021-01-27 93825
PMS-NIFEDIPINE ER PHARMASCIENCE INC Actual shortage 60MG Updated Report 2021-01-27 98823
DEPO-PROVERA STERILE AQUEOUS SUSPENSION 150 MG/ML PFIZER CANADA ULC Anticipated shortage 150MG Updated Report 2021-01-27 131489

Discontinuation Reports

Brand name Company Name Status Strength Update Date Updated View Report
DDAVP RHINYLE FERRING INC To be discontinued 0.1MG New Report 2021-01-26 132472
APO-CELECOXIB APOTEX INC Discontinued 200MG Updated Report 2021-01-21 60366
IMURAN ASPEN PHARMACARE CANADA INC. To be discontinued 50MG Updated Report 2021-01-21 128667
INVIRASE HOFFMANN-LA ROCHE LIMITED Discontinued 500MG New Report 2021-01-20 132101
HUMATROPE ELI LILLY CANADA INC Discontinued 1MG Updated Report 2021-01-18 106800
LIVOSTIN SUS NAS 0.5MG/ML JANSSEN INC Discontinued 0.05MG Updated Report 2021-01-13 117970
ODAN-METHADONE ODAN LABORATORIES LTD Reversed 10MG New Report 2020-12-31 126845
VENTOLIN NEBULES P.F. - 5MG/2.5ML GLAXOSMITHKLINE INC To be discontinued 5MG New Report 2020-12-23 130636
VENTOLIN NEBULES P.F. - 2.5MG/2.5ML GLAXOSMITHKLINE INC To be discontinued 2.5MG New Report 2020-12-23 130633
FORTAZ GLAXOSMITHKLINE INC Discontinued 2G Updated Report 2020-12-22 130597
FORTAZ GLAXOSMITHKLINE INC Discontinued 1G Updated Report 2020-12-22 130594
FORTAZ GLAXOSMITHKLINE INC Discontinued 6G New Report 2020-12-22 130600
TRANSDERM-NITRO 0.4 NOVARTIS PHARMACEUTICALS CANADA INC Discontinued 0.4MG Updated Report 2020-12-21 119964
TRANSDERM-NITRO 0.2 NOVARTIS PHARMACEUTICALS CANADA INC Discontinued 0.2MG Updated Report 2020-12-21 119960
SELECTBAG ONE (AX275G) BAXTER CORPORATION Discontinued 36.0G 220.0G 51.5G 29.8G 20.3G Updated Report 2020-12-18 125887
NORPROLAC FERRING INC Discontinued 0.075MG Updated Report 2020-12-11 129605
AVANDIA GLAXOSMITHKLINE INC Discontinued 4MG Updated Report 2020-12-11 113314
ERWINASE JAZZ PHARMACEUTICALS FRANCE SAS To be discontinued 10000UNIT Updated Report 2020-12-11 129623
BAL IN OIL 3ML AMPULES/10 TAYLOR PHARMACEUTICALS Discontinued 100MG Updated Report 2020-12-11 130010
ABILIFY OTSUKA PHARMACEUTICAL CO LTD To be discontinued 15MG New Report 2020-12-10 129994