Tier 3 Drug Shortages

Tier 3 drug shortages are those that have the greatest potential impact on Canada's drug supply and health care system. Impact is based on low availability of alternative supplies, ingredients or therapies. The Tier Assignment Committee (TAC), composed of federal and provincial/territorial governments, healthcare professionals, and industry stakeholders, makes recommendations on the tier assignment of drug shortages. The TAC assessment includes:

  • a review of the information gathered on the shortage issue, and
  • a thorough discussion on its potential impact and next steps.

Below are the newest and most recently updated active ingredients that have been designated as Tier 3 shortages. Click on the active ingredient to see a list of the associated Tier 3 drug shortage and/or discontinuation reports.

Active Ingredient

27 active ingredients found


capsule (sustained-release)

Ophthalmic Steroids - Dexamethasone 0.1%


Ophthalmic Steroids - Prednisolone 1%,


Ophthalmic Steroids- Difluprednate 0.05%.


Sodium Chloride 0.9% USP Injectable - Diluent


Thallium, Thallous Chloride TI-201 Injection


Tocilizumab, subcutaneous format


Vigabatrin, powder for oral solution

powder for solution

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