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Below you can search for shortage and discontinuation reports that have been submitted for drug products by a company.

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The “Export results” button on the search reports page will create individual CSV files for shortage reports and discontinuation reports containing data from the search results. Please note that the two CSV files will be downloaded in a single .zip file. Users would then need to open the .zip file to access the CSV files.

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A public access API (application program interface) is also available to access shortage and discontinuation report data in an alternative format. Access the API here.

The export is also available for download through an extract zip file that is updated monthly. Access the Monthly Report extract here.


!!T3 denotes an actual Tier 3 shortage/discontinuation

!T3 denotes an anticipated Tier 3 shortage/discontinuation

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Status Brand name Company Name Strength(s) Date Updated View Report
Resolved FLUPHENAZINE AA PHARMA INC 1MG 2018-03-09 28686
Actual shortage LORAZEPAM SUBLINGUAL AA PHARMA INC 0.5MG 2023-05-26 192270
Resolved DEXTROAMPHETAMINE AA PHARMA INC 5MG 2021-08-11 142864
Resolved DESMOPRESSIN SPRAY AA PHARMA INC 10MCG 2022-12-02 171792
Resolved DESIPRAMINE AA PHARMA INC 25MG 2021-07-15 140051
Actual shortage MOCLOBEMIDE AA PHARMA INC 100MG 2023-06-03 192275
Actual shortage HYDROXYZINE AA PHARMA INC 50MG 2023-06-01 176660
Resolved ACETAZOLAMIDE AA PHARMA INC 250MG 2018-04-23 35352
Resolved BENAZEPRIL AA PHARMA INC 20MG 2018-05-09 47130
Resolved KETOROLAC AA PHARMA INC 0.5% 2021-06-24 137758
Resolved PROCHLORAZINE AA PHARMA INC 10MG 2022-10-15 167710
Resolved SULFINPYRAZONE AA PHARMA INC 200MG 2017-09-05 13600
Resolved NIFEDIPINE AA PHARMA INC 5MG 2019-01-14 57632
Resolved TRIMEBUTINE AA PHARMA INC 100MG 2021-12-24 149793
Resolved TRAMADOL APOTEX INC 50MG 2018-02-01 35364
Resolved TRIMEBUTINE AA PHARMA INC 100MG 2023-04-17 183589
Discontinued ISDN AA PHARMA INC 10MG 2022-01-27 70182
Discontinued TICLOPIDINE AA PHARMA INC 250MG 2019-04-02 80166
Resolved KETOROLAC AA PHARMA INC 0.5% 2019-02-08 56102
Discontinued ERYTHRO-ES AA PHARMA INC 2018-12-08 68904

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