Drug Shortage Report for APO-TIMOP

Last updated on 2020-07-29 History
Report ID 92992
Drug Identification Number 00755834
Brand name APO-TIMOP
Common or Proper name TIMOLOL MALEATE
Company Name APOTEX INC
Market Status MARKETED
Active Ingredient(s) TIMOLOL
Strength(s) 0.5%
Dosage form(s) SOLUTION
Route of administration OPHTHALMIC
Packaging size 10 ML
ATC code S01ED
Reason for shortage Disruption of the manufacture of the drug.
Anticipated start date
Actual start date 2019-09-03
Estimated end date 2020-07-31
Actual end date 2020-07-28
Shortage status Resolved
Updated date 2020-07-29
Company comments
Health Canada comments
Tier 3 Status No
Contact Address 150 SIGNET DRIVE
Company contact information Apotex Customer Service - 1-877-427-6839

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