Drug Shortage Report for APO-TIMOP

Last updated on 2021-12-13 History
Report ID 130810
Drug Identification Number 00755834
Brand name APO-TIMOP
Common or Proper name TIMOLOL OPTHALMIC
Company Name APOTEX INC
Market Status MARKETED
Active Ingredient(s) TIMOLOL
Strength(s) 0.5%
Dosage form(s) SOLUTION
Route of administration OPHTHALMIC OPHTHALMIC
Packaging size 10 ML
ATC code S01ED
Reason for shortage Disruption of the manufacture of the drug.
Anticipated start date 2021-11-15
Actual start date 2021-10-27
Estimated end date 2021-12-10
Actual end date 2021-12-10
Shortage status Resolved
Updated date 2021-12-13
Company comments
Health Canada comments
Tier 3 Status No
Contact Address 150 SIGNET DRIVE
Company contact information Apotex Customer Service - 1-877-427-6839

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