Discontinuation report CLINOLEIC 20%

Last updated on 2018-01-01 History
Report ID 5289
Drug Identification Number 02344327
Brand name CLINOLEIC 20%
Common or Proper name Refined Olive Oil and Refined Soybean Oil Lipid Emulsion
Active Ingredient(s) SOYBEAN OIL OLIVE OIL
Strength(s) 4% 16%
Dosage form(s) EMULSION
Route of administration INTRAVENOUS
Packaging size 1000mL
ATC code B05BA
ATC description I.V. SOLUTIONS
Reason for discontinuation Business reasons
Anticipated discontinuation date 2017-12-31
Actual discontinuation date 2017-12-31
Remaining supply date 2017-09-01
Discontinuation status Discontinued
Discontinuation decision reversal No
Information on remaining supply We will still have the same product available in 250mL and 500mL sizes.
Company comments We have finished producing this product and are simply selling out the remainder of our stock before discontinuing the code. We anticipate based on current usage that we will be out of stock by Sept 1st 2017
Health Canada comments
Contact Address 7125 MISSISSAUGA ROAD
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