Discontinuation report HUMIRA

Last updated on 2020-11-19 History
Report ID 119141
Drug Identification Number 02258595
Brand name HUMIRA VIAL
Common or Proper name HUMIRA (ADALIMUMAB) VIAL
Market Status MARKETED
Active Ingredient(s) ADALIMUMAB
Strength(s) 40MG
Dosage form(s) SOLUTION
Route of administration SUBCUTANEOUS
Packaging size 2 x 0.8mL vial (40mg/0.8mL)
ATC code L04AB
Reason for discontinuation Business reasons
Anticipated discontinuation date 2020-11-02
Actual discontinuation date 2020-11-18
Remaining supply date 2020-11-02
Discontinuation status Discontinued
Discontinuation decision reversal No
Information on remaining supply Last HUMIRA vial lot available on market expires on June 2021. Per AbbVie’s return policy, the HUMIRA vial is a non-eligible product for credit.
Company comments The HUMIRA 40mg vial will be phased out by November 2nd 2020. AbbVie has now introduced the new HUMIRA 20 mg pre-filled syringe for pediatric patients prescribed HUMIRA 20mg. HUMIRA 40mg in PEN and pre-filled syringe are still available for pediatric patients prescribed HUMIRA 40mg.
Health Canada comments
Tier 3 Status No
Contact Address 8401 TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY
Company contact information Should you require any additional information, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-704-8270.

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