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Below you can search for shortage and discontinuation reports that have been submitted for drug products by a company.

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Status Brand name Company Name Strength Date Updated View Report
Actual shortage RATIO-ATENOLOL TEVA CANADA LIMITED 50MG 2017-10-10 1797
Actual shortage PMS-LOSARTAN PHARMASCIENCE INC 50MG 2018-12-20 7429
Actual shortage PMS TRAZODONE HCL TAB 50MG PHARMASCIENCE INC 50MG 2019-06-11 83717
Actual shortage ATARAX SYRUP 2MG/ML ERFA CANADA 2012 INC 2MG 2019-07-17 84229
Actual shortage MYLAN-INDAPAMIDE MYLAN PHARMACEUTICALS ULC 1.25MG 2019-07-03 84997
Actual shortage POLYTOPIC SANDOZ CANADA INCORPORATED 500UNIT 10000UNIT 2017-12-15 29189
Actual shortage VAN-SERTRALINE VANC PHARMACEUTICALS INC 50MG 2018-04-21 46853
Actual shortage ODAN-ERYTHROMYCIN ODAN LABORATORIES LTD 5MG 2019-01-10 51973
Actual shortage ARIXTRA ASPEN PHARMACARE CANADA INC. 12.5MG 2018-07-24 56325
Actual shortage ROSONE LOTION 0.05% LABORATOIRE RIVA INC .05% 2017-10-05 1542
Actual shortage VANTAS PALADIN LABS INC 50MG 2017-10-13 4358
Actual shortage BIO-IRBESARTAN BIOMED PHARMA 300MG 2019-03-21 79110
Actual shortage PMS-DILTIAZEM CD PHARMASCIENCE INC 180MG 2019-01-30 15110
Actual shortage INTRON A MERCK CANADA INC 6000000UNIT 2019-07-08 86790
Actual shortage PMS-AZITHROMYCIN PHARMASCIENCE INC 250MG 2019-07-05 88582
Actual shortage SIMVASTATIN SANIS HEALTH INC 5MG 2018-09-05 54790
Actual shortage LUXIQ MAYNE PHARMA INC 0.12% 2018-08-07 57606
Actual shortage SHINGRIX GLAXOSMITHKLINE INC 50MCG 2019-07-10 59142
Actual shortage PRIVA-QUETIAPINE PHARMAPAR INC 300MG 2018-08-28 59398

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