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Below you can search for shortage and discontinuation reports that have been submitted for drug products by a company.

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Status Brand name Company Name Strength Date Updated View Report
Resolved APO-LISINOPRIL TABLET 20 MG APOTEX INC 20MG 2018-01-26 26166
Resolved APO-GABAPENTIN CAPSULES APOTEX INC 300MG 2017-12-19 28726
Resolved APO-ONDANSETRON APOTEX INC 4MG 2018-09-28 32822
Discontinued APO-CETIRIZINE APOTEX INC 2018-05-31 50998
Discontinued APO-RANITIDINE TABLET 150MG APOTEX INC 150MG 2018-12-28 60726
Resolved APO-ANASTROZOLE APOTEX INC 1MG 2017-04-04 55
Resolved APO-ENTECAVIR APOTEX INC 0.5MG 2017-10-11 311
Resolved APO-VALSARTAN/HCTZ APOTEX INC 25MG 320MG 2019-03-21 567
Resolved APO-FAMCICLOVIR APOTEX INC 500MG 2019-09-06 84535
Resolved APO-RASAGILINE APOTEX INC 0.5MG 2019-08-30 86327
Resolved APO-ENALAPRIL TAB 10MG APOTEX INC 10MG 2018-01-03 27703
Resolved APO-ROSUVASTATIN APOTEX INC 10MG 2018-03-13 31031
Discontinued APO-ESCITALOPRAM APOTEX INC 20MG 2018-09-15 60471
Resolved APO-DULOXETINE APOTEX INC 60MG 2018-11-20 65592
Discontinued APO-GEMFIBROZIL CAP 300MG USP APOTEX INC 300MG 2018-12-07 4920
Resolved APO-VORICONAZOLE APOTEX INC 50MG 2017-08-15 12088
Resolved APO-BISOPROLOL APOTEX INC 5MG 2017-12-14 17208
Actual shortage APO-SALVENT 5MG/ML APOTEX INC 5MG 2017-10-05 19000
Resolved APO-OLANZAPINE ODT APOTEX INC 15MG 2019-10-01 92984

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