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Welcome to Drug Shortages Canada, the website for reporting drug shortages and discontinuations in Canada. The Food and Drug Regulations require drug sellers to report when they are not able to meet demand for a product or when they stop selling a product. Information about the website and the regulations can be found on the About & Resources Page.

A shortage means, in respect of a drug, a situation in which the manufacturer to whom a document was issued under subsection C.01.014.2(1) that sets out the drug identification number assigned for the drug is unable to meet the demand for the drug.

Below are the newest and most recently updated Shortage and Discontinuation reports.

Drug pills

Shortage Reports

Brand name Company Name Status Strength Update Date Updated View Report
APO-TAMOX TAB 20MG APOTEX INC Resolved 20MG Updated Report 2019-12-09 84154
MAR-ATORVASTATIN MARCAN PHARMACEUTICALS INC Actual shortage 20MG Updated Report 2019-12-09 98775
PRADAXA BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM (CANADA) LTD LTEE Actual shortage 150MG Updated Report 2019-12-09 99980
NUCYNTA EXTENDED-RELEASE ENDO VENTURES LTD Actual shortage 200MG Updated Report 2019-12-08 98383
PRED FORTE ALLERGAN INC Actual shortage 1% Updated Report 2019-12-08 100503
PROCTOSEDYL APTALIS PHARMA CANADA ULC Actual shortage 5MG 10MG 5MG 10MG New Report 2019-12-07 100518
SULCRATE APTALIS PHARMA CANADA ULC Actual shortage 1G New Report 2019-12-07 100515
CORTENEMA APTALIS PHARMA CANADA ULC Actual shortage 100MG New Report 2019-12-07 100512
ACUVAIL ALLERGAN INC Actual shortage 0.45% New Report 2019-12-07 100509
OCUFLOX ALLERGAN INC Actual shortage 0.3% New Report 2019-12-07 100506

Discontinuation Reports

Brand name Company Name Status Strength Update Date Updated View Report
APO-LAMIVUDINE HBV APOTEX INC To be discontinued 100MG New Report 2019-12-06 60563
KEYTRUDA MERCK CANADA INC Discontinued 50MG Updated Report 2019-12-06 72658
BICALUTAMIDE SIVEM PHARMACEUTICALS ULC Discontinued 50MG Updated Report 2019-11-30 86431
DIANEAL PD4 CAPD SOLUTION WITH 1.5% DEXTROSE AND 2.5MEQ/L CALCIUM BAXTER CORPORATION To be discontinued 448MG 1.5G 5.08MG 18.3MG 538MG Updated Report 2019-11-27 91388
RAN-TADALAFIL RANBAXY PHARMACEUTICALS CANADA INC. Discontinued 2.5MG New Report 2019-11-26 99760